Month: October 2017

Weekly Newsletter – Information

Dear Parent/carer

RE: Information

I would like to thank all the students and staff for their dedication and hard work in what has been a very busy beginning to the academic year and wish everyone a safe and restful break.  Please see below some helpful and important information to reflect upon.


Reading is an important part of life at Thistley Hough Academy, but why is reading important?

  • Evidence suggests that those who read for enjoyment every day perform better in exams than those who do not. Reading helps students to develop a broader vocabulary, meaning that their ability to communicate grows as their reading exposure
  • Reading can make our students (and us) more empathetic. Being able to recognise and understand other people’s emotions is a crucial skill, whilst also allowing us to develop a better understanding of other
  • Reading builds neural pathways in the brain so that general knowledge is increased. Reading is exercise for your brain. It’s not just that your brain processes words and meaning while looking at text; reading actually changes your brain’s
  • Reading also encourages
  • Reading sparks the imagination, opening up a mind to new ideas and

Please encourage your child to read every day.


Please can all parents be aware of the following:

Police have warned parents of a new dangerous craze on Facebook which encourages children to go missing for 48 hours. This is all part of a new 48-hour challenge and it is leaving many parents extremely worried. This new Facebook game has led to children as young as 14 being reported missing by their parents – after they have taken part in the Facebook 48-hour challenge. In a sick twist, the missing children will gain more points and the higher they score the more they get mentioned on Facebook in a bid to find them. This then results in the frantic parents searching for their children, asking Facebook friends to help – adding to the “game”.

This new game which has really taken off in Northern Ireland and is set to hit the rest of the UK is a copycat of the Game of 72 which swept through Western Europe a few years ago. The craze saw many children dare one another to vanish without a trace for up to three days. As a result, the police are warning parents across the country to keep an eye on what their child is doing while on Facebook. Should you wish to discuss this any further please contact Mr Sanders at the Academy.

Upcoming Dates

Monday 23rd – 27th October – Half term

Monday 30th October – School reopens at 8.40am

Thursday 2nd November – Awards evening (further details to follow)


Yours sincerely


Caty Reid

Acting Principal