Weekly Newsletter – Punctuality / Mobile Phones

Dear Parents/Carers

Punctuality / Mobile Phones


The Academy and the Governing Body of Thistley Hough Academy place great emphasis on students being punctual to school and to lessons.  Lack of punctuality affects the learning and behaviour of students who arrive late, and impacts on the learning of others also. Please support us in ensuring that your child arrives to school on time every day, in full uniform and with the correct equipment, ready to work hard.

The Academy expectation is that students are in their form rooms or assembly at 8.45am. Therefore, those students who enter the Academy after 8.45am are deemed late and as such duty staff will take their names and they will be placed in a break time detention on the day they are late.  Any student who is late on more than two occasions in a week, and/or fail to attend break time detention, will be automatically be placed into Senior Leadership Team (SLT) detention for one hour after school on a Friday.

Mobile Phones/iWatches/Electronic Devices

May I take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that students are not permitted to use mobile phones for any purpose whatsoever whilst in the Academy. This includes making calls, texting, using the internet, taking photos/videos, and checking the time. Mobile phones must be switched off (not on silent mode), and out of view of all fellow students and staff at all times, and preferably kept in the student’s locker or personal bag. This also applies to iWatches and any other electronic devices or web enabled sources of information.

Thank you for your continued support.


With best wishes


Holly Hartley


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